Team evolution

We maximize your objectives in organizational transformation initiatives, empowering the development of people, teams and their collaboration capabilities as the main axis between technology, processes and data.

The challenge

With Enzyme's Team Evolution service, we help you resolve issues such as:
  • How can my team maximize business results with new digital resources?
  • Are employees aligned with the organization's objectives?
  • Are we accompanying change management optimally?
  • How can I reduce the impact of new implantations?
  • Why am I not achieving the expected results with the implementation of new tools / processes?
  • I want to improve employee motivation, avoid the flight of key talent and optimize the search for digital talent
  • How to detect good practices and the best employees?

The solution

Align your organization's goals with those of your employees, improve business results and maximize change initiatives in your organization. Get with Team Evolution:
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to change to improve team motivation
  • Improve training in digital skills
  • Apply motivating elements to improve business objectives
  • Ensure the execution and completion of projects reducing costs

Business impact

80% employee satisfaction improvement
Increase employee satisfaction in your organization
The number of participants in innovation projects increases by 35%
Encourage the involvement of your employees in internal improvement and innovation initiatives
10% improvement in customer retention
Loyalty to your customers through continuous improvement in direct care

The tools

Digital capacity plan

We evaluate and propose alternatives after analyzing the needs of the organization to:
  • Manage the life cycle of digital talent through the recruitment, development and dynamism of supported people through methodologies and technological solutions that allow the required speed and sustainability.
  • Define processes for the identification and monitoring of objectives based on agile methodologies (Traction, Design Thinking).
  • Generate collaborative relationship models with personalized content through digital support (employee portals, virtual cognitive assistants, knowledge management processes ...).
  • Streamline training through adapted management of training and innovation in the learning process (e-Learning, gamification, AIM, Peer-coaching ...).


The tool to connect the strategy with the daily life of your company, aligning people to achieve the objectives with the most appropriate actions in each case. Apply a common working methodology and analyze in real time how the business indicators change according to the actions carried out.

It is a solution that allows the implementation of a strategy to be accelerated in a sustainable way, helping to identify best practices and key people.


AIm allows you to align training with corporate objectives of both business and process and ensure a measurable impact on your business. It does this by generating learning adapted to each employee and identifying the training that offer the most impact.

It is a solution that uses Artificial Intelligence and integrates with your training platform and stimulates users intelligently through a natural language Chatbot.

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