Robotic Process Automation

We advise, deploy and accompany in the automation of routine manual and low value processes.

The challenge

Businesses run thousands of repetitive tasks daily that could be automated using Robotic Process Transformation (RPA) technology. These organizations face the following challenges:
  • Reduce the time and effort dedicated to transaction processing, data manipulation, response activation and manual transfer of information to other digital systems
  • Simplify the most complex computer developments that emulate human-system interaction
  • Create alarm systems for specific incidents in an efficient and agile way

The solution

Automate your processes with the support and advice of our business process specialists and RPA (certified by the UiPath Academy) and manage to reduce efforts and costs in highly repetitive processes or with a certain complexity of execution.

We help you implement, configure and train your team in the Robot Process Automation solution so that your administrative functions are automatically managed and free your teams to perform tasks of value for your organization.

Business impact

Time savings of between 30 and 75%
Automation streamlines the process and achieving results
Between 15% and 35% improvement in process efficiency
Hyper-automation improves productivity and allows flexible adaptation of resource allocation.
100% elimination of human errors
Automation improves the quality of information and reduces data errors, with an impact on delays and traceability

The tools

Integrate and decouple system via API

Through automation processes, different systems and software can be linked that can be part of our daily life that do not have non-manual connectivity (for example, sharing information between different ERPs).

Data extraction

Data extraction is one of the main uses of RPA: it schedules data extraction tasks from countless sources and collects and processes information from pages, websites, documents, files, etc.

Personal assistants “Personales”

RPA can perform many of the repetitive tasks of our day to day that do not add value such as collecting e-mails, treating files, connecting to systems, processing pending requests, etc., saving time that can be spent on non-automated tasks.

Our experience supports us