Intelligent Data

Because data is the biggest asset of companies after people. We help you obtain value from the data generated by your company and the market, causing a positive impact on business results.

The challenge

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment (VUCA) it is key to optimize data-based decision-making and combine it with the experience of our teams. Using Intelligent Data, you get:
  • A focused diagnosis of the current status of data use by the company
  • A coherent and effective investment strategy in solutions, focused on meeting business objectives
  • An application of the most innovative technologies to generate value from data
  • A quantitative measurement of the ROI obtained at each moment

The solution

We understand data science as the field that encompasses data collection, cleaning, preparation and analysis with the aim of extracting its value for business decisions. We analyze the potential of the data you already have and we help you decide how to redirect your exploitation for a better positioning in the market.

Intelligent Data supports your team in achieving the strategic objectives:
  • Strengthening current strategies:
    • Knowledge of customer behavior on multiple channels
    • Knowledge of what each customer wants, at what time and how they want it
    • Increased business volume and profitability
    • Identifying and reviewing strategic approaches:
  • Help in complying with the law and data regulations
    • Divestment of non-interesting products / services for the target target
    • Reduction of operational inefficiency with improvements in work processes
    • Increase the competitiveness of your company
  • Ensuring the success of the digital transformation:
    • Help in complying with the law and data regulations
    • Data quality as the basis for digitizing processes
    • Identification of risks
    • Improving the return on investment in projects
    • Combined with technological implementation services ensuring the value of solutions and improving use cases

Business impact

2% sales growth
Impact of data mining on optimizing product variety
Consolidation of 30% of information systems
Improving the governance of information assets: integration and reuse of data sources integrated into the organization's digital architecture
10 - 20% reduction in service costs
Impact of Data Exploitation on Optimizing Workforce Planning

The tools

Data quality

Obtaining and advanced management of a quality database is part of the foundation for the implementation of an effective data exploitation strategy, integrated in the execution of the company's business objectives. We help you empirically identify the ideal data architecture for your company, to align strategy, processes and market response.

Data governance 

Our expert team works with your company to define the Data Governance framework that will allow you to establish a global, accessible and uniform vision of your company's data, strict compliance with legislation, establishing best practices and a complete alignment of data management for decision making.

Data analytics & AI

We develop and transform the company's analysis culture to enhance decision-making based on data and business indicators in order to achieve greater efficiency in achieving the company's strategic objectives. We co-create solutions with you in a personalized way and we provide you with the most innovative technologies on the market to accompany your business vision. We participate in the creation of internal capacities that accompany the execution of the key processes of each organization.

Our experience supports us