Data Analytics

We give your business a voice so that you can make all the important decisions together.

The challenge

We want to ensure that through data analysis you can:
  • Listen to what your environment is asking you to form an unbeatable team that takes control of decisions
  • Facilitate the execution process to move from science fiction to action science
  • Give your sense of fancy a vacation to make logical reason work
  • Create organic analytical processes that are an integral part of your operational activity

The solution

In a world surrounded by information, we offer you a set of methodologies and tools that will help you find the answers you need in it. Let us be your compass.

We firmly believe in the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid), avoiding those complex solutions that do not provide useful information to your business. Simplicity is the key.

We create innovative channels that will allow you to exploit information by opening new perspectives. "Alexa, open the weekly sales report, search for relevant data and send them via WhatsApp at the time of the follow-up meeting."

We tear down the walls between the operational and analytical layers of your business, making our advanced embedded analytics model available to you. It has never been so easy.

Business impact

20% - 50% less time to do the process forecast
Optimization of planning times
20% - 30% reduction in storage costs
Impact of data mining on optimizing demand planning
70% improvement in transparency perception
Improving data quality allows streamlining audit processes and streamlining publication processes

The tools

Make a mistake quickly to succeed soon

We facilitate the co-creation and implementation process of analytical solutions through the use of AGILE and Design Thinking methods.

Optimize and tune information quality for your business

We help you in the design, construction and consolidation of a data model, both internal and external, on which to establish the bases of your analytical tools.

We make information analysis easy for you

We agnostically build the information exploitation tool that best suits your needs, combining the most innovative technologies on the market so that you can take control of your business when and where you need it.

Scenarios. What-if analysis

We incorporate predictive algorithms to help you analyze as many scenarios as possible


Our experience supports us