Computer vision

We put at your disposal a proven development platform and a team of experts for the development of customized solutions. We want to help you be more competitive, maximizing efficiency in all your processes and reducing operating costs.

The challenge

If your challenge is to find new channels and a new way to communicate and interact with your clients through agile and attractive experiences, Computer Vision is the technology that will allow you to build new business models and differentiate yourself from your competition. With Computer Vision you can:
  • Improve response times and quality of analysis of visual information
  • Generate scalable computer systems with a high level of precision
  • Reduce operational costs implicit in manual and visual inspection tasks

The solution

Computer Vision helps you create new business opportunities and find new ways of capturing and processing data by generating vision models. We offer you:
  • An easy-to-manage platform that will allow you to create, initialize and configure a multi-user computer vision project with ours, speeding up the deployment and integration process with new applications.
  • A specific solution to classify and identify objects in images for rapid deployment and use as appropriate.
  • A team of data scientists and artificial intelligence engineers who will customize and develop with agile methodologies a personalized solution to the needs of your business.

Business impact

90% reduction in data entry tasks
Focus on value-added tasks: streamlining the collection and analysis of data allows you to focus on the analysis activity and increase the value of the information
Between 50% and 90% decrease in data errors
Elimination of human errors and improvement of data consistency through the intervention of an automated and controlled process
Multiplies by 5 the speed of generation of predictive models
Improved ROI of innovation by increasing speed in generating behavioral and prediction models

The tools

Image processing

From a set of input images, it generates computational models capable of extracting key characteristics such as areas of interest, color detection, pattern recognition, etc.

Movement detection

Vision algorithms allow monitoring of surveillance cameras to capture movements that can escape the human eye.


Once we define what objects we are looking for, with the segmentation of the image we indicate which pixels belong to each of these. In this way we recognize areas of interest on the image.


One of the main applications that computer vision provides is the ability to generate mathematical models designed to classify a set of images using Deep Learning techniques.

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