Business Process Transformation

With Lean analysis, modeling and simulation methodologies, Enzyme helps you analyze the efficiency of your key processes and supports you in your digital transformation strategy towards new models, optimizing your position in the market.

The challenge

We help companies on their strategic paths who wish to:
  • Analyze your current processes as the basis for defining your digital transformation strategy
  • Identify priority areas for improvement
  • Avoid losses of competitiveness and profitability by identifying areas of inefficiency
  • Automate processes to optimize your resources
  • Audit your processes regarding rules and regulations and define compliance plans
  • Distribute your assets with a digital or hybrid production model

The solution

We model your business processes to identify priority improvement areas. We check the maturity level of your organization with simulations and we propose optimization actions to streamline processes, organizational changes, automation or digitization of priority areas. We generate performance dashboards and results obtained from the organization's operations. We identify the most suitable methods, adapted to the culture and sector of each organization. Combined with the implementation of IT solutions, this service maximizes the results of the digitization of processes, taking advantage of all the organizational and technological capabilities.

Business impact

25% - 60% operational time reduction
Detection of inefficiencies and dead times
Up to 90% optimization of process costs
Process inefficiency reduction
30% - 40% reduction of project times
Reduction of inefficiencies in resource management

The tools

Identification automation potential

Carrying out a holistic study to identify those processes capable of automation or semi-automation. Performing cost-benefit analysis and comparative before and after. Aimed at those companies that have detected high costs, inefficiencies or manual dependence on certain critical and non-critical processes in the company

Process and risk audit

Carrying out an analysis and evaluation of the risks of your critical business processes. Analysis of their degree of maturity and compliance with rules or regulations.

Cost and resource optimization

We jointly define a strategy to optimize and streamline processes, organizational changes, automation and digitization to identify inefficiencies that can generate cost overruns in processes, people and technology.

Our experience supports us