We work to successfully implement the immutability, traceability and certification of your data in a collaborative way, simplifying integration processes and reducing the costs of offering your customers the reliability demanded.

The challenge

In order to design collaborative environments that increase trust in the contributions of each participant, our Blockchain service is oriented to:
  • Increase the efficiency of business processes by evolving to decentralized business models
  • Identify the business value that provides better data traceability to verify authenticity and manage property records
  • Simplify technological complexities with a technical team of experts that accompanies clients from ideation to implementation

The solution

Enzyme offers on-demand consulting services to help companies discover the opportunities and benefits they can achieve by applying blockchain technologies in their businesses.

As examples of these services we have:
  • Developing proofs of concepts to help companies gain confidence in the potential of their proposals
  • The implementation of business rules in smart contracts to integrate processes with third parties in a transparent, secure and verifiable way
  • Creating user interfaces specific to use cases
  • The deployment and maintenance of blockchain solutions in both public and private networks

Business impact

Improved level of corporate risk by 30%
Traceability and redundancy improve contingency management in key processes
90% risk reduction of process data loss
Distributed data storage ensures business continuity
100% of standard processes are reconciled automatically
The participation of all the actors in a value chain and the traceability of the registered data facilitates reconciliation and increases trust

The tools

Future infrastructure

In a hyper-connected environment, global solutions need hyper-infrastructure.

At Enzyme we invest heavily in research and development to efficiently build decentralized applications tailored to the needs of our customers. Solutions that apply cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms and blockchain technologies to be massively cost-effective, more flexible, transparent, distributed, robust and with a better incentive structure than current software models.

Digital identity

At Enzyme we believe that we all have the right to own our digital identity. An identity that is secure and private, as well as easy to use in our day to day, to store our personal data and provide full control over its access and use. Using blockchain and other decentralized technologies, we help you build and manage digital identities and other certifications, without bureaucracies and in compliance with regulations.

Custom traceability

We live in a globalized society, where for the benefit of all you can buy almost any product from almost anywhere. This continually exposes the end customer to fraud, copying, expiration of products and errors in transportation, among other problems. Whether you are from a production company or an intermediary, you can generate added value by offering a transparency service throughout the process. For this, at Enzyme we help you create a registry of your blockchain assets that quickly and reliably ensures the satisfaction and loyalty of your most demanding customers.

Our experience supports us