Artificial Intelligence

We put Artificial Intelligence at the service of your team and your business incorporated as one more piece in the value chain, increasing productivity and efficiency in processes.

The challenge

We make that thanks to Artificial Intelligence your company can:
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition through new operating or business models
  • Automate repetitive processes of communication, search, document classification
  • Boost organizational learning to accelerate innovation
  • Accelerate response times of business processes
  • Provide exceptional customer service with a considerable reduction in operational costs
  • Optimize business cases and decision-making based on real data
  • Exploit the historical data of the points of sale to optimize supply decisions
  • Predict the potential abandonment of customers with a sufficient time frame to take preventive actions to decision making
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing communications, as well as the ROI of campaigns carried out on CRM clients

The solution

Enzyme offers you the security of going hand in hand with an expert in the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions, with the peace of mind of our experience and the assurance that we will always offer you what best suits the size, moment and objectives of your business .

We customize our service to ensure that this path always has a positive impact in both the short and long term.

Among others, we offer virtual assistants tailored to the needs of each use case, recommendation systems that can be deployed in different environments, alarm and early detection models, acquisition models, cross-sale models, abandonment model, best-next-purchase models , document search solutions, structuring of unstructured information and classification of documents.

Business impact

80% reduction in fraud losses
Detection of anomalies in patterns that allow to predict and detect fraudulent actions
15% increase in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
Clustering of clients based on client profile and behavior
Decrease between 30% and 70% of the duration of processes
Greater operational efficiency with identification of bottlenecks and streamlining of decision-making

The tools

Real virtual assistants 

We have been internationally recognized for helping our clients in the implementation of virtual assistants to support their processes. This work has allowed us to create an easily configurable and expandable work methodology and accelerators, which allow us to integrate a virtual assistant with any system in the organization, providing it with greater intelligence, learning capacity and quality of service.

Transform your company 

We apply artificial intelligence in the definition and monitoring of action plans in organizations in the process of transformation. We implement automatic action recommendation algorithms based on the context and history of previous actions and results.
In a context of business transformation based on the free proposal of hundreds of thousands of actions, its grouping becomes critical to create a limited semantics of the generation of typified actions that allow the subsequent calibration of their impact.

Tracking and information classification

Through advanced automation techniques we can access websites to obtain data and its automatic classification according to predefined or self-learned criteria. We have successfully applied this strategy in use cases such as bank aggregation with movement categorization, or the creation of comparative panels of product prices in different vendors.

Reputation and team building

We help recalibrate the reputation of organizations, products, and services by weighting user feedback based on the reputation of these users to minimize the impact of destructive criticism.

Using advanced AI algorithms, we help companies manage the talent and productivity of their teams. Because each individual has unique abilities, skills and personality, we help create "synergistic" teams, those that due to abilities and affinities between profiles will function better as a group and will be more effective and productive.

Marketing-optimization and other analytical models

We can define the best customer segmentation based on their history and personal attributes, identifying the best individual or segment next-action. This allows marketing resources and efforts to be directed to those customers with the highest sales potential.

Likewise, using analytical models of user detection, forecasting and segmentation, we have helped our clients to analyze and act with their employees or students for learning scenarios, abandonment, burn-out, performance, equality, promotion, etc.

Our experience supports us