Employee Experience

We re-position technology at the service of people, drawing clear, measurable and easy-to-follow trajectories. We convert teams into high-performance ecosystems combining method, technology and experience.


Our vision

Imagine a digital work environment made up of well-cohesive pieces where processes on employees become levers for recruitment, growth and productivity. An environment that allows the satisfaction of your employees to be translated directly into the satisfaction of your customers. This is how we understand the dynamics of the Employee Experience. 

When technology promotes activities that are agile and easy, we achieve a company with employees not only more productive, but more satisfied, creative, and resilient.  With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the data and channels converge towards a personalization that, properly integrated in work environments, generates differentiation and a high rate of return

We will help you identify which changes in the work environment of your employees will generate the most business impact to put that solution into practice in an agile and fast way. If you already know where to act, we will help you choose the technological tool that best suits your needs, supported by our experience, innovation and your business priorities.

At Enzyme we provide the pieces of the employee's digital environment: from defining the strategic vision to the fulfillment of cultural transformation. Supported in ideation and co-creation processes with your business units, we address short-term implementations that generate a minimum viable product (MVP) by measuring and adjusting the delivered value. In these agile cycles, our pre-built technology parts allow solutions to be adapted and customized more quickly, more reliably and with better results than traditional solutions.

Would you like your employees to be productivity ninjas?