About Enzyme

We challenge the 'statu quo' with innovation and experience to generate differential value


INNOVATION, renovation, evolution with creativity

We use technology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain to create and improve innovative products that allow our clients to maximize the experience of their clients, differentiate from your competitors, attract and retain the best professionals and face the challenges of the future much better.

Commitment, collaboration, empathy and WOW EFFECT

We seek the business impact of our clients with tangible and attractive products created collaboratively by a committed and empathetic team and with direct involvement of the client team.

Impact, results, sostenibility and CUSTOMER FOCUS

We focus on the challenge that our clients face and we focus on how to successfully impact with our products in technology, in the processes , in people and in the business model itself to materialize a visible and permanent improvement.

Method, organization, arquitechture, quality, the pillars of a

We learn from our mistakes and achieve continuous improvement in our operating system to be faster and faster in reaching customer goals from the beginning and without problems with our products.

Executive Team

Harald Messemer
Managing Director Madrid
Roger Lapeña
Managing Director Pepermint
Marcus Puigdollers
Managing Director Barcelona
Néstor Solano
Finance Director
Francisco Vargas
Operations Director
Inma González
Innovation and Talent Director
Luis Manuel Artiles
Innovation Director
Jordi Martín
Sales Director
Tomás Couso
Chief Architecture Officer
Isabel Celma
Business Development
Victor Muakuku
Business Development
Jordi Fernández
Business Development
Yan Bello
Advisory Board Member
José Parra-Moyano
Advisory Board Member
Imma Salmerón
Marketing & Comms

Team Enzyme



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